A union inspection on March 11, 2021 of The Laylow hotel identified some COVID protocol issues.

Photo: The Laylow hotel, March 11, 2021

At the front desk, a Plexiglas barrier was in place between customers and workers but  the hotel employees themselves were working next to each other side by side with no barrier dividing their work spaces.


Photo: The Laylow hotel, March 11, 2021

There were no clear Plexiglas barriers installed at the bar between the employee work space and the bar counter.  There was no Plexiglas barrier observed at the hostess stand either.

The union inspector also observed that Concierge desk had Plexiglas barriers facing guest chair but not in another direction from where customers could walk up and ask questions. There was Plexiglas barrier at the coffee shop register. There were social distance markings in elevators, in front of elevators as well as at front desk.  Pool safety protocols were posted but pool users were observed not wearing masks outside of pool.

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