Waikiki Beach Marriott – Spotlight

The Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort is a 1,310-room hotel in Waikiki managed by Marriott. We analyzed the safety protocols submitted by the hotel to the State of Hawaii, and have inspected the property multiple times, most recently on January 13 & 14, 2021. While the hotel instituted some safety measures, such as signage to remind people of social distancing and hand sanitizer stations on every floor by guest elevators, our inspectors did not observe any temperature-checks of guests.

Here is some more of what we learned:

The Protocols

The State of Hawaii issued an emergency proclamation on November 23, 2020 requiring hotels to publish their COVID-19 Health & Safety plans and submit it to the state’s Hawaii Tourism Authority (“HTA”). Below is our commentary on each hotel’s COVID-19 Health & Safety Plans they way they appear on the HTA website so that guests and hospitality workers have a better understanding of these plans.

Regarding the COVID-19 protocols for Waikiki Beach Marriott posted on the HTA site as of 1/5/21:

  • The protocols have no discussion about whether guests or employees will be subject to any form of testing whatsoever, including temperature checks. Guests and workers will not know from reading these protocols whether the hotel intends to make use of this basic safety measure.
  • The document contains no protocols about what the hotel or its workers or its guests should do in the event a guest or a worker shows COVID symptoms.
  • There is no discussion about how any of the protocols will be enforced. What will the hotel do if guests refuse to wear masks in public places? Whose job will it be to enforce these rules?
  • There is no mention of contact tracing. Guests and workers reading these protocols will be left with no information about whether the hotel will collect the information that would be needed to determine who a sick guest or worker was exposed to. They also will not know if the hotel will inform them if someone they were in contact with a person who tests positive for Covid-19.

It should be noted that during a physical inspection of the property conducted on January 13, 2021, inspectors saw a sign at the entrance to the Kuhio Beach Grill asking diners to scan a QR code for contact tracing purposes.

Check the HTA site to see if updated protocols are posted.


A physical inspection of the property was conducted on January 13 & 14, 2021. Inspectors found the hotel has instituted safety measures such as:

  • Hand sanitizer stations on every floor by guest elevators;
Photo: 24th floor elevator waiting area, Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort; taken 1/14/21.
  • Tables in the Kuhio Beach Grill restaurant were spaced out for social distancing;
Photo: Kuhio Beach Grill, Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort; taken 1/14/21.
  • Plexiglass barriers were installed at the bell desk, front desk and Kuhio Beach Grill host area;
  • All staff and non-staff seen by inspectors were wearing masks.

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