Hotels have a major role to play in stopping the spread of COVID-19. They act as gathering places where people from communities all over the world go to sleep, eat, meet, shop, and work.

It is important to guests, workers, and communities across Hawaii that our hotels take decisive action to mitigate COVID-related health risks. There are many possible actions they can take, from cleaning and sanitizing to testing and contact tracing.

This website was created for the public to better understand what hotels in Hawaii could be doing – and what they are doing – to combat the pandemic. To do that, we have pulled together information from sources that include information from the hotel companies, our on-the-ground look at the hotels’ operations, and observations made by hotel workers themselves.

If you work in one of the hotels listed here, please add your observations and experiences. You may do so anonymously.

This site is maintained by UNITE HERE Local 5. We are a union that represents Hawaii hotel workers as well as health care workers and airport food service workers. We are Hawaii Workers Against COVID.

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  1. Anonymous

    The pool area of Moana seems to be a free for all. Half the people not wearing mask and walking around. I don’t see or hear any employees ever telling guest to keep mask on. It’s not only the security job to remind guests, it’s also our job to keep all of us safe. That’s a super spreader area. If we keep up this lack of safety, we’ll get shut down again. Sorry just an observation. Guest should get flagged every time they get warned and 3 strikes and you’re out. Guest sometimes thank me for reminding them to wear mask, so there is a way to say it without offending them.

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