Union negotiations with the Ala Moana Hotel resulted in victories for hotel workers. There are still more issues that need to be addressed by hotel management, but the agreements reached so far is an example that hotels can respond to the COVID pandemic in ways that are fair and respectful to front line union hotel workers.

36 Month Recall:  the union and hotel agreed to extend “recall rights” for 36 months for union workers who got laid off. A worker who lost their job can have peace of mind (for three years!) knowing they will be offered a chance to return to their old job if and when business levels return.

Daily Housekeeping:  the hotel re-committed to daily housekeeping services for guests.  This provided work opportunity for local hotel workers, contributed to the economic recovery in Hawaii; all while offering guests the benefits of daily housekeeping in conjunction with COVID safety protocols.

Seniority & Scheduling: the union and hotel agreed to a systematic method of scheduling workers based on seniority and other factors.  This provides a system that workers can look at to understand how they would return to their jobs when business levels recover.

Volunteer List:  the union and hotel reached an agreement to allow workers to volunteer for work shifts.  This created an orderly system to allow workers the chance to decline work (if, for example, they had health concerns about working in a pandemic) and allow others to volunteer to fill those shifts, before requiring workers to fill those shifts.